[rt-users] How to hightlight open tickets that have been updated by the Requestor?

Pei Ku pku at autotradecenter.com
Wed Jan 19 10:45:29 EST 2005

My group is using RT to keep track of requests created by internal users (ie, employees of my company).  Typical life cycle of a ticket in my group's queue involves several rounds of correspondences between the Requestor and Owner of the Ticket.  Normally, a owner may have half a dozen unresolved tickets in the queue, many of them waiting for Replies from the Requestors in order to determine and take the next appropriate action.
I would like to find a way to highlight those tickets that have received an updated Correspondence on an existing unresolved ticket from the Requestor.  Several possiblilities come to mind:
#1 (kinda weak) - I believe the "Told" timestamp is the last time a Reply has been sent to the Requestor; "LastUpdated" timestamp is the last time when the most recent Reply (or Comment?) by anyone.   Maybe I can do something by comparing these two values...
#2 - create some sort of On Correspondence scrip where it would set (perhaps) a Custom Field to one of two values, depending on the writer is a member of the queue manager ...
anyway, these are vague ideas.  Just wondering if anyone has got a solution already :-)

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