[rt-users] Having multiple users logically linked together by "organization"

Jonathan Reeder jreeder at minutemenu.com
Fri Jan 21 16:06:10 EST 2005

Wow that sounds perfect to me.  I think in the meantime I'm going to create
the scrip like you described.

BTW, thanks to everyone who replied to this query, I've gotten some helpful

Jonathan Reeder

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Flexible solution is not available now and wouldn't be for some time. I
think "some" will end, if someone sponsor this because it's not easy to

You want share rights that requestor has to group A if requestor is
member of the group A. Or in other words: you want to say all people in
group 'G' get the same rights on ticket 'T' in queue 'Q' as requestor
role gives to user if any user from group 'G' is requestor of the ticket
'T'. Then you create group 'ClientA_Employees' and 'ClientA_Employees'
give them such right on queue 'ClientTickets', gives 'SeeTicket' to
requestor role on the queue and all are happy and "they lived for a
long-long time", but it's not implemented :)

So I'll put it into WishList on wiki.

You can do next thing to simulate similar behaviour like I described above:
Create groups ClientA, ClientB...
Write scrip that OnCreate takes requestor, then finds its group, get all
members of that group and adds them as requestors(or as Cc) to ticket.

What do you think guys?

Yeah, people becomes requestors of the tickets that they didn't request.

Then you should add WebUI feature that allow people to
unsubscribe("remove me from requestors(Cc)") in one click.


Jonathan Reeder wrote:
> I'm hoping that someone else out there might have the same requirements
> as I do and has found a way to satisfy them.
> I'd like to have things set up such that multiple users can all be
> logically linked together by their company/organization.  In doing so,
> I'd like all tickets created by one user who is a member of a particular
> organization to be viewable by all other members of that organization.
> If that's not clear enough, here is a for-instance:
> Let's say I have two clients - Client A and Client B.  I have 4 users
> set up in RT:
> Users bob and john are employees of Client A
> Users joe and tom are employees of Client B
> If user bob creates a ticket, I'd like for john to be able to see that
> ticket when he logs in, but joe and tom cannot.  If user joe creates a
> ticket, tom can see it, but bob and john cannot.
> I'm positive that there is a way to do this, since I haven't found
> anything that RT can't do yet.  I can think of one way which is writing
> a scrip that adds all users that have the same organization value as the
> requestor to the CC list of a ticket and then granting correct
> permissions to CCs, but that just seems dirty and cumbersome.
> Thanks a bunch.
> Jonathan Reeder
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