[rt-users] Having multiple users logically linked together by "organization"

Sytze Boonstra boonstra at planet.nl
Sat Jan 22 09:11:17 EST 2005

I guess there is a simpler solution to the requested functionality, 
however I could not  get it to work. In my case I have changed the 
Selfservice site to contain not only tickets that I requested, but also 
a section tickets that I watch. For that I changed to code to:

* The titlte states "[status] tickets that I watch" in stead of "My 
"[status] request"".
* I have changed the line

   $MyTickets->LimitWatcher(TYPE =>'Requestor',VALUE => 


   $MyTickets->LimitWatcher(TYPE =>'Cc',VALUE => 

What I intended was the following, allow prime contacts of our customer 
to be on the CC: list of the customer queue (we have our RT system 
aranged so that we have queues per customer). I hoped that the 
LimitWatchers (TYPE => 'Cc',...... )  would also select tickets that are 
indirectly, via the queue, CC-ed. but that does not seem to work. What 
can I do to make that work?

I have issued the same request earlier with subject ( LimitWatchers to 
check on Queue CC:) but got no response.

Kind regards,

Sytze Boonstra

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