[rt-users] PAM Auth?

Brett Harris rt at bharris.f2o.org
Tue Jan 25 15:49:16 EST 2005

I'm trying to save myself the trouble of constantly keeping the entire
company's userbase updated in the database.

>> >> Group A, Admins, can see all requests, run reports, re-assign
>> requests,
>> >> and what not.
>> >>
>> >> Group B, tech support staff, can see unassigned requests and requests
>> >> assigned to them, but not everyone's requests.

These two groups of users I can add into the database manually, setting up
permisions and whatnot.

>> >> Group C, everyone else.  Create requests and see own requests.

This group I'd like to just set with a "default" permission set, and not
have to setup each user whether by hand or by automatic script.

Does that make any more sense?


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