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Tomas A. P. Olaj tomas.olaj at usit.uio.no
Thu Jan 27 06:30:36 EST 2005

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> Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:44:53 -0600
> From: "Scott T. Hildreth" <shildret at scotth.emsphone.com>
> Subject: Re: [rt-users] Tables rt 3.2.1 -> 3.4.0.RC6
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> Okay, I think I can load the 3.2.1 dump into mysql, then run
> sbin/rt-setup-database as the upgrade describes.  The instructions
> show using --datadir=etc/<version>.  The etc/upgrade contains 3.1.?
> and 3.3.0 & 3.3.11.  Do I need to run the rt-setup-database with version
> 3.3.0 dir and then run with 3.3.11 dir?
>                                    Thanks.
> On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 09:56 -0600, Scott T. Hildreth wrote:
> > Forgive me if this has been posted. I thought it was asked before,  I
> > can't seem to find it.  Can I dump the tables from 3.2.1 and import them
> > into a 3.4 Database? (Mysql)  I am going to look through the schema now,
> > just thought I would see if someone has done that or knows the answer.
> >
> >                      Thanks,
> >                         STH

I run for every version in that directory when I upgraded. I had no
problem with that so far, although I run Postgres.

We will run through our official test plan for _rc6 and then report back
if there is something that don't work. Not sure when 3.4.0 is scheduled
for production, but I think Jesse wrote once that it's up to us users. ;)

We are very eager to have a faster RT.

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