[rt-users] Best practices

James Moore jam at omnigroup.com
Fri Jan 28 23:39:03 EST 2005

Hey folks, I'm evaluating RT for use here at Omni to get us away from 
doing all of our support mail via Apple Mail/IMAP. I've got 3.2.3 
running on my machine by following one of the excellent walkthrus I 
found but I've got some questions:

* It seems like some people here are using the development snapshots. 
Which branch (3.2, 3.3, 3.4) should we be using for a brand-new 
installation and why?

* Is anyone using the standalone httpd in a production environment? 
Right now on my workstation it's serving pages faster than Apache is 
and I like the idea of having something basic to do just this one task 
on the production server.

* How do people use the CLI? It seems like it's got some potential for 
more than just doing simple tasks from the cmd-line.

* If you moved away from doing support via email to RT what were some 
of things that you experienced that you weren't expecting?

Thanks for your help.


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