[rt-users] RT 2.0.11: send first message only???

Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Wed Oct 5 17:21:49 EDT 2005

Yes, I know it's old. No time to upgrade, and another department may be 
inheriting this project from me. I'm recommending the latest version to 
them. This was not supposed to be my primary duty... :)

My question is, can a rule be set up so that some watchers only get the 
first message, upon creation in the db?

I manage a lab full of computers. I get requests for changes to those 
computers. The supervisors of those people would like to get a copy of 
the original message. If the change is not good for the group, the 
supervisors would like to reply to the message and let me know so I 
don't spend time working on something they don't want me to do.

However, they do not want to receive a copy of every message I get 
through RT. As far as I can tell, only the request needs to go to them.


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