[rt-users] RT 2.0.11: send first message only???

Andy Moran andy at wildbrain.com
Wed Oct 5 18:00:16 EDT 2005

I think one way to do that would be to have a special receiving queue
that has them as CC's.. then have a scrip on that queue that
automatically moves the ticket into the real queue after they are notified.

Russ Johnson wrote:
> Yes, I know it's old. No time to upgrade, and another department may be 
> inheriting this project from me. I'm recommending the latest version to 
> them. This was not supposed to be my primary duty... :)
> My question is, can a rule be set up so that some watchers only get the 
> first message, upon creation in the db?
> I manage a lab full of computers. I get requests for changes to those 
> computers. The supervisors of those people would like to get a copy of 
> the original message. If the change is not good for the group, the 
> supervisors would like to reply to the message and let me know so I 
> don't spend time working on something they don't want me to do.
> However, they do not want to receive a copy of every message I get 
> through RT. As far as I can tell, only the request needs to go to them.
> Russ
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