[rt-users] RT::Interface::Web_Local.pm is killing me

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 6 15:41:57 EDT 2005

At Thursday 10/6/2005 03:32 PM, Travis Campbell wrote:

>I've had this trip me up a few times when overlaying pieces of the API.  Each
>time, it ended up that I was specifying the package incorrectly, eg:
>   package RT::Interface::Web_Local;
>instead of
>   package RT::Interface::Web;
>Are you possibly doing this?

I've never had to do this when overlaying the perl code - I generally copy 
the whole file to local and change the code I need to without worrying 
about the package name.

Joby - I'm sure you've checked file ownership & permissions. Do you have 
more than one RT running on the machine? If so, could you have stopped & 
started the wrong apache instance after making changes?


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