[rt-users] RT::Interface::Web_Local.pm is killing me

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Thu Oct 6 15:46:46 EDT 2005

Stephen Turner wrote:
> I've never had to do this when overlaying the perl code - I generally
> copy the whole file to local and change the code I need to without
> worrying about the package name.
> Joby - I'm sure you've checked file ownership & permissions. Do you have
> more than one RT running on the machine? If so, could you have stopped &
> started the wrong apache instance after making changes?

Yup.  Very annoying.  We ended up pulling the code -- we tested it by
pushing to Web.pm and it still wasn't working.  We just don't have the
time to hassle with this right now -- we have a couple groups just about
to go live on RT so we need to be focused on keeping the system stable
and useful.  We'll revisit this later when we have some spare time.


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