[rt-users] Question about Query Builder

Jeremy Stinson laxplayer at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 7 15:13:32 EDT 2005


That is my issue, thank you for describing it in better RT terms :) I 
understand that separate customer queues is not how this system was designed 
but my issue, and please let me know if there is a good way to solve this, 
is that there are multiple customers contacts per customer and the customer 
wants to see all open tickets. And, they want separate user IDs...

As a short term "fix", I did edit the /Elements/Tabs so that only people 
with certain rights will have access to that link. I think this is a decent 
solution since most users will not need that report functionality. What I 
will most likely do is create some canned reports for them and possibly 
create a new tab for reporting.

Let me know what you think.



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> On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 12:16:12PM -0400, Jeremy Stinson wrote:
>> Users are assigned to groups, groups are assigned to queues, rights are
>> given to groups on queues. Only the Admin group is given global rights.
>> Nobody else has been given any global rights.
>> I have screwed around with the global rights for all users but it is not
>> helping out...
> To recap your problem as I understand it:
> You have users, who only have access to one queue, using the Query
> Builder.  When these users are trying to build a query, the lists of
> users (for Owner, etc) display *all* users on the RT installation, and
> what you *expect* them to display is "only the users who might be
> attached to tickets in this queue".
> Is that your problem?
> I assume, not having looked at the code, that that pulldown isn't
> filtered, but I'm not sure that joining it to "all users who have
> $RIGHT on $CURRENTQUEUE", aside from impacting performance a bit,
> wouldn't be *overly* restrictive.  (That is, it might preclude you
> specifying someone you *want* to specify: specifically, I don't think
> email users would show up, since they don't have rights. I'm not sure
> how to deal with that.)
> Code-hackers: *is* that pulldown in the Querybuildercurrently filtered?
> If not, is there any reasonable way to figure out who should pass the
> filter to accomplish what Jeremy is looking for?  Or is this *why*
> you shouldn't assign separate queues for clients?  ;-)
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