[rt-users] Hooks to an external application

Garth Johnson growlf at biocede.com
Sat Oct 8 18:10:55 EDT 2005

I have a need to connect a specific queue in my RT to an external 
application for specific entries.  For example, if a user requests a new 
account to be made in the 'Remote Accounts' queue and IS a member of the 
proper group AND all the required fields are filled - kick off an 
external application to build the account and await final 'okey dokey' 
from the admin to send out the 'new account info email' and finalize 
it.  ..and then modify the same methods for other account changes/requests.

Are there any folx out there that either know where to look for an 
example of this sort of thing (I have looked, but came up dry) or that 
have such a thing they are willing to share?  I already have the account 
building application completed, I just need RT to trigger it somehow.  I 
assume scrips are the way, but am having difficulty wrapping my head 
around the 'how' of it.   Is there more documentation somewhere or 
examples on usage that area long this line?

Thanks in advance,

Garth Johnson

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