[rt-users] Upgrade from 3.0.11 -> 3.4.4. Am I missing something?

Rob W.W. Hooft rob at hooft.net
Mon Oct 10 08:14:59 EDT 2005

Having received my copy of RT Essentials, I have tried to upgrade my 
RT3.0.x system to 3.4.4 today. I first made a complete copy of the mysql 
database such that I would not be sensitive to upgrade disasters. The 
upgrade of that copied database worked fine, but at some point, the 
comments and correspondences in the ticket histories showed up only as a 
single line, without their contents. This happened in the 3.0 as well as 
the 3.4 version (running in two separate apache/mod_perl instances), and 
it caused me lots of sweat. I have been playing with the different 
daemons running on the server, and concluded that I probably had a 
resource problem: with one version of RT running at a time it seemed to 

So I decided to finalize the upgrade with a single 3.4 database.

You guess what happens: I now have only one line per transaction again, 
and no way of getting the contents of the comments or correspondence 
visible any more.....


Rob Hooft

Rob W.W. Hooft  ||  rob at hooft.net  ||  http://www.hooft.net/people/rob/

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