[rt-users] trying to install rt3.4.4

yiqiang yiqiang at happix.net
Mon Oct 10 11:13:49 EDT 2005

Hi There,

I have tried to install RequestTracker on my box running FC2.
I am currently facing this problem when i do a 'make fixdeps'

Wondering if theres any kind soul out there that could help me because i am
not a linux guru

When i do a 'make testdeps'
It shows everything 'found' but at the end of the check, it says "SOMETHING

and when i do a 'make fixdeps'
the following appears at the end.

# Looks like your test died before it could output anything.
make: *** [fixdeps] Error 255

Thanks to the kind soul in advance!

With Regards,

Low Ee Chiang
MantaNetworks Pte Ltd

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