[rt-users] Can I set a custom field with the cli ?

Dave Knight dave_knight at isc.org
Tue Oct 11 18:43:54 EDT 2005

I have an RT install used to track bugs in various products, there is a 
queue per product: productX, productY, productZ, etc. I want to get rid 
of these queues and instead create a custom field 'product_id' to apply 
to each ticket. As there are quite a few active tickets I want some 
automation to handle moving the tickets to a generic queue and applying 
the custom field.

Using the cli ...

I can list tickets based on a custom field:

$ rt ls -t tickets -i "'CF.{product_id}'='productX'"

But I can't edit a ticket to update a custom field:

$ rt ls -t tickets -i "Queue='productX'" | rt edit - set 
# Syntax error.
 >> 'cf.{product_id}': 'productX'
id: ticket/1

I would like to be able to do something like this:

for ticket in `rt ls -t tickets -i "Queue='productX'"; do
  rt edit $ticket set 'CF.{product_id}'=productX
  rt edit $ticket set Queue=General

Is it even possible to fiddle custom fields with the cli?
Is there a better way to do this than that I am attempting?

rt-3.4.2, apache-2.0.54 + FastCGI, postgresql-7.4.8, perl-5.8.6, FreeBSD 

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