[rt-users] Dynamic formular

Spielefanpages Mag Spielefanpages at gmx.de
Thu Oct 13 03:54:26 EDT 2005

I want to use a dynamic formular for a specific queue. I think it is the
easiest way to use the existing external formular and to send the content
via mail to rt.

structure of the formular:
At first someone has to chose the name of a building (drop-down). Depending
on this choice there are shown the departments that are located in the
chosen building in another drop-down menue. Furthermore there are some
fields in which the user has to write specific informations (like the phone
number) and a field for the individual problem the user has.

If these information are send to rt a ticket should be automaticially
created. All information of the mail should be used. The selection of the
building and the department should be filled in customs fields. Furthermore
the specific information (e.g. the phone numer) should be added to custom
fields, too. Only the information of the field that contains the individual
problem should be displayed as the text of the ticket.

Is this the easiest solution? How can I extract the information for the
custom fields and the text of the ticket?


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