[rt-users] RT 3.4.0 - RT could not load a valid user

Soldino soldino at email.it
Tue Oct 18 04:55:36 EDT 2005

I have installed RT 3.4.0 in a Linux system Fedora Core 2. In
/var/log/message appares errore message like:
Oct 16 12:44:54 xxxxx RT: RT could not load a valid user, and RT's
configuration does not allow for the creation of a new user
 for this email (news at xxxxx.net).  You might need to grant 'Everyone' the
right 'CreateTicket' for the queue xxxxx.  
After I have upgraded the version to  3.4.3, I have degframented the db with
ALTER TABLE but I can't resolve the problem. A lot of ticket are rejected by
the RT system.

Each queue have the correct group grant for 'Everyone'. If I send 10 mail to
RT 3 mails are rejected!

Any ideas?


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