[rt-users] TicketSQL question

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Tue Oct 18 09:49:00 EDT 2005

>> The query builder doesn't allow internal terms
>> like requestor or owner or told on the right side
>> of an equals sign.
>> If not, what is an appropriate query for
>> "gimme all tickets where the requestor has been
>> waiting more than X days for a response from the consultants" ?
>Told > '3 days ago'
>LastUpdated > '3 days ago'
>or something like that.

   Thanks.  But I don't see how that works.
   LastUpdated is set when a queue changes or the
   owner is assigned, not just for the last correspond.

   If the requestor was Told 3 days ago and never
   replied, that's his problem.  But if he did
   reply, it's ours.  However, if he did reply
   and we assigned the ticket to a consultant
   (thus updating LastUpdated), the ball is still
   in our court.

   I basically want to know, did the requestor
   send that last Correspond?  If he did,
   and did it 3 days ago, I need to crack some
   heads.  But if we sent the last correspond,
   the heads can stay healthy.


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