[rt-users] simple question on reply/comment address

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at ftpb.com
Tue Oct 18 11:25:11 EDT 2005

Currently we have users emailing helpdesk to create tickets and they all
dump into a queue called "helpdesk."  The person then who is working on
the request moves the ticket to the correct queue based on what type of
request it really is.


For example Bob sends an email to helpdesk that he is having problems
with his voicemail, the ticket is created in the Helpdesk queue and then
PhoneGuy takes the ticket and moves the ticket to the queue Phone
Requests and works on the issue.



If I have 4 queues, do I have to have a separate comment-to address
setup for each queue or can I have one comment address be for all my


Thanks in advance,



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