[rt-users] Problem when users are created automatically from rt-mailgate

Nathan, Ahalya Ahalya_Nathan at mudnebr.com
Tue Oct 18 17:19:02 EDT 2005

Hi all,
I have rt-mailgate configured and I am using outlook to create tickets
by sending a mail to help at example.com. After sending a mail to this
mail-id, the ticket is created but the problem arises when new users are
automatically created. 

When users are automatically created, the users table has correct
entries (e.g:comments field in the Users table has "Autocreated on
ticket submission")except for the Password field.
I tried passing the args{'Password'} to be undef while creating the user
in the Users table, but still when the user is created a crypted
password is put in the password field. 

Is there something which I am missing out?

Ahalya Nathan
Senior Programmer / Analyst
Information Technology, Metropolitan Utilities District 
(402) 504-7180 phone
(402) 504-5180 fax

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