[rt-users] Theology question

Phil Smith III lists at akphs.com
Fri Oct 21 17:57:35 EDT 2005

I'm setting up RT, and feeling like there's a slight blurring (which works to the advantage of the administrator, so I'm not complaining!) between queues.  What I notice is that if I have two queues, "apple" and "banana", it appears that I can send a comment back to an existing ticket in "banana" but send it via the "apple" email address.

Where this works to my advantage is that, in this early stage of deployment, I have a single email address - rt at xxx.com -- which is being processed via fetchmail.

So a new ticket gets created by sending mail to that address.  It goes into the default queue, which I've renamed from General to Incoming.

Once a ticket gets picked up, it gets moved to the appropriate queue.  But comments sent back to rt at xxx.com, with the appropriate magic string in the Subject: line, get appended correctly.

Like I said, this isn't upsetting me -- it's making my life easier! -- but I wanted to be sure I was understanding it.

This leads to a closely related theology question: Do I really *need* separate email addresses for each queue?  Clearly if the load is great enough, or separate groups are handling them, or there's a queue that triggers a pager event, this would be A Good Thing.  But are there other reasons?

Currently I'm planning on using the single address; if load/other events suggest more than one, I'll use apple-issues at xxx.com, banana-issues at xxx.com, etc., and kill rt at xxx.com (that's one way to retrain the users, eh?).

Any wisdom the group can impart on this would be appreciated!


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