[rt-users] setting up fields & sorting custom fields

Craig Stevenson stevensc at nsuok.edu
Fri Oct 28 15:50:22 EDT 2005

I got the other half of this problem farther down the road.  I can now 
control the layout of custom fields by editing the OBJECTCUSTOMFIELDS, 
SORTORDER column with respec to the CUSTOMFIELD columng.  The index in 

Good news.

Craig Stevenson wrote:

> I have the solution to my first issue.  I was missing the 
> I create the table as specified in the schema.Oracle, and now it saves 
> it's data.
> I am still puzzled about getting control of the layout of the various 
> custom fields.
> Thanks.
> Craig Stevenson wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I have a couple of issues that I could use advice on.
>> -- I am able to create custom fields on my ticket. I do not see how 
>> it is possible to get the values in the custom fields.  It should 
>> show up in other locations (such as viewing ticket, location in 
>> presumably the tickets table.
>> Any pointers to helpful information is greatly appreciated.
>> -- Arranging the forms on the ticket page.  It is unclear to me how 
>> to go about fixing the layout of the custom fields.  There are 
>> certain groupings I would like to maintain betwee particular fields.  
>> But rt just puts them where it likes.
>> Is there some editing I could do that would give me control over the 
>> layout?
>> Thanks for the help!

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