[rt-users] Resolving tickets from a particular address

Ben Brown Ben.Brown at CPIGroup.com.au
Sun Oct 30 22:19:01 EST 2005

Unfortunately I have to deal with a program called Mailmarshal, which is
a mail gateway used at my work to quarantine inbound and outbound email

For example:

A user at work tries to send a message with an unauthorized attachment.
Mailmarshal sends an email from "mailmarshal at mywork.com.au" saying
that it's been put into quarantine. The user replies to that message
asking for it to be released. All email to "mailmarshal at
mywork.com.au" goes to the "mailmarshal" queue in RT, which I've set
myself to be AdminCC. I can then check the ticket, review the attachment
and go and release it.

That part is working great! 

However, Mailmarshal also sends system notification messages via email
when other emails bounce, timeout etc. This complicates things for the
following reason:

Mailmarshal only lets you configure two addresses, an "Administrative
To" and an "Administrative From".

The "Administrative To" address is the address which Mailmarshal sends
system notification messages, but all emails sent to users about their
attachments come FROM this address! This was very confusing initially!!
However, it works because when users write their reply it gets sent to
the same address as the system notifications. This address used to be my
personal address, but is now set to "mailmarshal at mywork.com.au".

The "Administrative From" is where the above mentioned system
notification messages appear to be sent from. It's currently set to
"mailmarshal-server at mywork.com.au".

So I've always been stuck with everything concerning this damn program
going to the same address, but from different addresses ;)

It was OK when it was directed to my personal email address; I had some
rules set in Outlook to move all messages from "mailmarshal-server" to a
separate folder. It would be awesome now if I could filter all tickets
from "mailmarshal-server at mywork.com.au" to either be moved to a
different queue or (preferably) be resolved as soon as they reach RT.

I've been told that a scrip would be the best way to do this, but when I
went to create one I couldn't find any suitable options in the drop-down
boxes. I don't know any perl at all... so I'm stuck!

All and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I am curious to what you are trying to do , because there might be an 
easier way, if you are in control of the original request sent (I assume

them to be automated messages ), then get them created in a seperate 
queue (create new mail alias => point to different queue), then create a

scrip on that new queue where on create you resolve ..(does not make 
sense but seen worse)

Ben Brown wrote:

>I need some advice - I need to figure out how to resolve all requests
>sent from a certain email address as soon as they arrive. 
>Any ideas?
>Ben Brown
>CPI Group
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