[rt-users] Query Questions

beilman beilman at sinecurve.com
Wed Dec 6 15:10:10 EST 2006

I have been asked to see if I can get RT to show the Ticket Content, using the basic Query Builder tool. In the actual query results window, I need to show the initial part of the request.

I know I can do this via an outside Perl script, or using the Rt command line, but I am trying to do it within the actual RT web interface.

  From what I can tell the RT Query tool, queries the Ticket Table, and what I am after is in the Attachment table.

I am trying to use the advanced query tool to both query and display the first element of the content.

Is this possible, or do I have to do it via a Scrip?   Most of the Scrips I have seen relate to an action, and some Email event.    

My other option is to create another Custom Field and then write a scrip to populate that field with the content data.



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