[rt-users] Using Oracle DB for Apache::Session data

Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Wed Feb 1 13:43:05 EST 2006

I've been trying to figure out why my production instance of RT running
on Oracle is slower than my Dev instance on MySQL.  I saw something on
the mailing list that I thought could offer some help - someone
mentioned cleaning out the sessions table.  Okay, I'll take a look at
that, I thought.  But then I was surprised to find the table empty!
Instead, the session information is being written to disk at
/path-to-rt/var/session_data/.  Ah-ha!  I found that the file
Elements/SetupSessionCookie had this line:

#    Oracle      => 'Apache::Session::Oracle',

And of course, it's commented out, when the mysql and Pg lines were not.
So I uncommented this, restarted apache; the home page loaded about 20%
faster, and a row showed up in the Oracle database (dev now pointing to
a QA Oracle backend rather than MySQL for this test).  Sweet!  But then
I clicked on the logout button, and the page just hangs.  Anyone have
any thoughts?  I'm poking around at it now.

Eric Schultz

Call on God, but row away from the rocks.
  - Indian proverb

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