[rt-users] Best practices: Queues vs. Custom fields

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My advice would be to have a queue per department. Whether or not there is 
a best practice, I'm not sure, but since your tickets are going to be 
coming in via email, a custom field means that someone has to look at the 
ticket and then enter the correct data in the custom field. If you sort 
them as queues by department, then you can have an individual email 
address for each queue and the tickets would auto-sort by department since 
the queue is dedicated to that department. 
I'm sure someone clever will find a way to do an LDAP lookup and get the 
department field auto populated, but if you cannot do that, then each 
department having a queue would be much easier.

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[rt-users] Best practices: Queues vs. Custom fields


We're beginning our test implementation of RT, and we currently plan to
have several queues for different types of requests: development,
repairs (one-time), maintenance (recurring, but not regularly), supplies
(printer toner, etc.).  Additionally, the powers that be want the
ability to generate reports based on departments (e.g., average time to
resolve tickets coming from Accounting).  For this, I propose adding a
Custom Field to tickets designating the requestor's department.

Would it make more sense to have Queues by department and handle request
type differently? 

Is there a recommended "best practice"?

On a related note, when a requestor creates a ticket via e-mail, could
the proposed department field be auto-populated based on the requestor's
address, or should the department field instead be part of the User


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