[rt-users] Problem with Update.html and local modification, and evaluation of RT

Michael S. Liebman m-liebman at northwestern.edu
Fri Feb 3 16:05:17 EST 2006

On Sat, Feb 04, 2006 at 07:25:40AM +1100, Robert Rowland wrote:
> I've been bashing at this for a while and this is my latest effort to try to force load the new code:
> - Rename all instances of Update.html (yes all of them, it was driving me nuts trying to work out which one was loading)
> - try to load the Update page. Error (as expected) which specified which two files it was trying to load. One of them is my newly-created local/html/Ticket/Update.html.
> - Rename the local/html/Ticket/Update.html back to it's correct name
> - Restart Apache
> - Try to update the ticket. The Update screen now loads, but without my new code. 
> I have emptied my cache, restarted the server, tried from another
> computer that has never accessed Update.html before but I am always
> getting the old code, no matter what. Does anyone have any clues?

"My cache" being the browswer cache or the Mason cache?
> I have struggled to find information about how to use the local
> directory, callbacks, and so on. And other items.

Have you read http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?CleanlyCustomizeRT ?

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