[rt-users] Problem with Update.html and local modification, and evaluation of RT

Robert Rowland Robert at directnetit.com.au
Sat Feb 4 15:42:46 EST 2006

>> I have emptied my cache, restarted the server, tried from another
>> computer that has never accessed Update.html before but I am always
>> getting the old code, no matter what. Does anyone have any clues?

> "My cache" being the browswer cache or the Mason cache?
Browser cache. Didn't know about Mason cache, but now I do. Thanks for the tip you solved my problem - may your next project be 30% easier than you expected.

>> I have struggled to find information about how to use the local
>> directory, callbacks, and so on. And other items.

> Have you read http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?CleanlyCustomizeRT ?
Yes I have, and I'm glad I found it before diving in and making changes.  I had difficulty with its brevity and relating it to the install paths that Gentoo uses. Still learning tho... 

Thanks for your help.

Also thanks to others who replied with thoughts on RT generally and its documentation. We will get the book, and if we go ahead with using RT (looks likely) I will probably be in the Wiki from time to time. 



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