[rt-users] Context Sensitive Help

Ben Robson ben.robson at classicblue.com.au
Sun Feb 5 23:02:12 EST 2006

Hey all,


I have been looking in to the concept of implementing a context
sensitive help system in to RT.


The best way I can see to achieve this, so far, is to modify the "Tabs"
such that a new entry exists titled "Help" with its link pointing to
something like "~/local/html/help/$Title"  (yes this syntax is wrong,
but you get the idea).


This method means that the help page used changes with the title of the
page displayed, thus meaning that each different page view (title) can
have it's own help entry.  If you wanted to use a wiki instead you could
even have the link point to a wiki entry with the wiki entry page being
titled the same as the page entry in RT.


The biggest issue I am working through right now is that $Title can
contain spaces, which of course a file system can struggle with.  So I
was wondering, within the context of "Tabs" what is the best way to
strip the spaces from $Title, possible in to a new variable label?




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