[rt-users] Looking for confirmation on searching RT tickets

Paul Crossman Paul.Crossman at tvguide.com
Mon Feb 6 16:35:23 EST 2006

Something else I've been getting questioned about after migrating from
the RT for Windows, and I guess I'm looking for confirmation from the
user community on this...

Under the RT for Windows, the search button would search more than just
the subject and ticket number for results.  I'm told by the folks that
used it regularly that it was a free text search.  Is this really the

What I've been able to gather is that the folks that package RT for
windows don't have anything to do with Best Practical and thus could or
might have added features not in the original source release.

The RT Wiki states that all "Search" gets you is subject and ticket

I found a message in the rt-user archives in hopes to search the history
of a ticket (the end result of what the users want) and I tried the

>To do a full text search on the contents of the history fields, you
>need to add criteria to your query using the 'Advanced' section.
> 1. click advanced and add ' ContentType LIKE 'text/plain' AND
> Content LIKE 'simple text you want to find here'
> 2. click Apply

I could not get a result of the ticket I was testing a search for from
some text in its history.

Does anyone out there have experience with this?

Paul C.

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