[rt-users] Global custom fields and queues

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Mon Feb 6 17:21:23 EST 2006

Configuration -> Custom Fields -> (select CF ) ->
Applies To -> ( apply to specific queues)

Configuration -> Global -> Custom Fields -> Tickets ->
(Deselect CFs you no longer want global)

There is no way to set a CF as global except for
certain queues.


On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 02:58:57PM -0500, Paul Crossman wrote:
> I've recently migrated an RT system from Windows (3.0.12) to Linux
> (3.4.2).
> Within the installation there are two Global Custom Fields.  I'm setting
> up a queue within RT that I do not want or need these Global Custom
> Fields for.
> Is it possible to either 
> a)  Hide the Global Custom Fields from this queue but still use other
> custom fields?
> Or
> b)  Convert the Global Custom Fields to normal Custom fields for the 3
> queues I'd like them to be in without losing the 3500 some odd tickets
> that I've got data for?
> The wiki and the archive have very little to go on for this.
> Paul C.
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