[rt-users] Approvals not working with 3.4rc6

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 7 16:02:22 EST 2006

At Thursday 2/3/2005 08:38 AM, Joop van de Wege wrote:
>Hello List,
>I'm currently implenting Approvals and following the instructions at the
>Wiki and mailinglist I'm having a problem which I think is really a bug
>in RT.
>RT3.4rc6, RTFM 2.04, Oracle9i, perl 5.8.6, fastcgi apache 1.3.31
>Like a lot of people I couldn't get approvals to work and after adding a
>couple of debug statements to CreateTickets.pm I found an error in de
>logfiles which pointed me to the fact that my template was wrong. I had
>forgotten to start with an empty line.
>After that it still didn't work and the logs show the following:
>[Thu Feb  3 13:08:44 2005] [debug]: In Parse 
>[Thu Feb  3 13:08:44 2005] [debug]: Content:
>===Create-Ticket: codereview
>Subject: Code review for {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Subject}
>Depended-On-By: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Id}
>Type: approval
>Queue: ___Approvals
>Content: Someone has created a ticket. you should review and approve it,
>  (/opt/rt_test/rt3.4rc6/local/lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:768)
>Now I didn't spot it right away but after adding a bit more debugging I
>found something interesting, look closely at this:
>[Thu Feb  3 13:42:18 2005] [debug]: T-A ===T-A 
>This is produced by the following lines I added to CreateTicket.pm
>      $t=substr( $args{'Content'}, 0, 3 );
>      $RT::Logger->debug("$t ===" . $t);
>  I know, my perl sucks but it gave me the clue I needed and I don't
>understand why not more people are having problems because the
>substr(..0,3) takes the first 3 characters from the template but ignores
>the fact that the very first line is either empty or contains a MIME
>object (header) which is the true for my case in the latter example. The
>first piece of log is without RT-Attach-Message:Yes.
>So if I use a template without a MIME header and thus starts with an
>empty line and I change the substr(..,0,3) to substr(..,1,3) then RT
>starts creating approval tickets.
>Anyone knows whats going on? This is a plain rt3.4rc6 install (test). I
>looked and in my 3.2.1 (old) and 3.2.2 (current production) installs the
>code is identical.

I don't think you should have the blank line at the top of the template - 
the first line should start with '==='. Then substr(...,0,3) will match 
'==='. I'm guessing that with the blank line, $args{'Content'} starts with 
"\n===", so substr(..,0,3) would give "\n==" and substr(..,1,3) would give 


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