[rt-users] Can RT be used with Shared/Virtual webhosting?

Jim Meyer purp at acm.org
Wed Feb 8 17:29:59 EST 2006


On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 15:55 -0500, Ryan Small wrote:
> Thanks,
>  That's what I figured.  As much as our webhost package includes Perl
> and MySQL, it doesn't appear that I would have the level of access to
> the server that I would need to configure RT.  Therefore, it looks like
> relocating our website/domain onto our own server is the only way.

You might consider putting your RT instance on your server as a
subdomain (e.g. rt.solidcad.ca), then having your provider's DNS point
that name at your own server -- leaving the rest of your setup alone.

Might be easier to get going.

Jim Meyer, Geek at Large                                    purp at acm.org

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