[rt-users] Your ticket was stolen in RT 3.4.5

Andy Moran andy at wildbrain.com
Fri Feb 10 14:23:49 EST 2006

I'm trying to figure out why the "Your Ticket was Stolen" custom scrip
isn't working for me.   I'm using the example from the RT Essentials
book  using RT 3.4.5.

The scrip uses Condition: User Defined, Action: Notify Other Recipients,
Template: Custom Stolen Ticket

Here is the custom condition:

my $trans = $self->TransactionObj;
return 0 unless $trans->Field eq 'Owner';
return 1 if $trans->OldValue != RT::Nobody()->id();
return 0;

Here is the template:

To: { my $old_owner = RT::User->new( $self->CurrentUser );
      $old_owner->Load( $Transaction->OldValue );
      $old_owner->EmailAddress() }
Subject:  Ticket #{ $Ticket->Id() } taken by { $Ticket->OwnerObj->Name() }

A ticket you owned:

   { $Ticket->Subject() }

has been taken by {$Ticket->OwnerObj->Name()}.

{ $RT::WebURL }Ticket/Display.html?id={ $Ticket->Id }

Has the API changed since hte book was published?  Do I have a typo
somewhere I cannot see?   There doesn't seem to be any complaints, just
no email gets sent out.  Any help would be appreciated!


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