[rt-users] 3 question about RT

k b k_b0000 at yahoo.se
Sun Feb 12 04:14:32 EST 2006

> > 2.
> > The RT at a glance page can be globally edited
> > following the instructions found here:
> >
> > those worked.
> >
> > in the same manner i tried to change the content
> > (showed columns)  of "10 highest priority tickets
> I
> > own", when i did that the content changed but no
> > tickets showed up for the users even though there
> were
> > tickets.
> >
> > is it possible to change the default content of
> "10
> > highest priority tickets I own" or "10 newest
> unowned
> > tickets", and if so, how?
> >
> what are you trying to show , what did you change

on the RT at a glance page, i would like the "N 
highest priority tickets I own"
to display:
Created (relative)
Started (relative)
Due (relative)

i did change this for the root user, and then executed
the following SQL:

update attributes
set content=
 (SELECT content FROM attributes where id='7' and
  objectid='12' and name='Pref-RT::Attribute-1' )
WHERE id='1'
and description='[_1] highest priority tickets I own';

the query actually only needs the id-columns in the
where clauses, the extra where criteria are there only
for human redability.

in other words, i copy the content from the root user
to the content of the system settings.

after  i have done this, all users will see the
correct layout of "N  highest priority tickets I own"
but no one will see any tickets they own.

the question was, how can i change the default layout
of "N  highest priority tickets I own"?


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