[rt-users] rt-3.5.7 new install issues

Corey corey_s at qwest.net
Sun Feb 12 16:24:11 EST 2006


I wanted to check out the latest dev release of rt, to see how far along it 
is, and generality evaluate its usability. ( I heard that it's easier to 
extend/customize due to more extensive use of css and whatnot ) 

Anyhow, I went through the install on two separate machines -- and ran into 
the same issue both times:

At the initial login screen, the bplogo.gif appears as a broken link ( no 
image ), and below it displays the "RT for example.com" text -- despite the 
fact that I configured my RT_SiteConfig.pm appropriately ( or so I think? ).

I've been completely unable to determine/fathom what may be causing this ( I'm 
still quite new to RT ); I'm hoping someone could throw me some clues?

( the installs were done on two separate gentoo linux boxes )

Many thanks!



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