[rt-users] Inserting tickets at unused ticket numbers

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Wed Feb 15 08:02:19 EST 2006

I suspect that you'll run into problems with transaction numbers.  In 
fact, I'm quite certain of this.  I would call this a BAD idea, 
especially if you want all data preserved such as creation and last 
updated dates.

Mike Friedman wrote:
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> When we moved from RT 2.0.15 to 3.4.2 a while back, we decided not to 
> carry over our old tickets.  Instead we just built a new RT with a 
> fresh database.  But in order to avoid confusion with our ticket 
> history, we told RT3 to begin ticket numbering at a higher number than 
> that of the last RT2 ticket (i.e., we started RT3 with ticket #60000).
> Now we'd like to see if we can move the RT2 tickets (we're still 
> running RT2 on another machine) to RT3, *preserving* their old ticket 
> numbers (which are unused numbers in RT3).
> Is there a safe way to do this?  Could we, for example, temporarily 
> reset the ticket id auto-increment starting value from 60000 to 1, 
> feed the old tickets in with their original numbers, then reset the 
> auto-increment starting value back to 60000?  Would new tickets 
> subsequently created start at the next available number after our 
> highest RT3 ticket number, or would RT get confused because it would 
> try to start creating new tickets with number 60001?
> I have a feeling this will cause problems, but I'd like to find out 
> for sure.
> Of course we can always move the tickets from RT2 to RT3 with newly 
> assigned ticket numbers, but it would be preferable for us if we can 
> preserve the old ticket numbers in the new RT, for tracking purposes.  
> (I know, we should have thought of all this at the time we upgraded!).
> Thanks.
> Mike
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