[rt-users] Inserting tickets at unused ticket numbers

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Feb 14 16:46:42 EST 2006

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When we moved from RT 2.0.15 to 3.4.2 a while back, we decided not to 
carry over our old tickets.  Instead we just built a new RT with a fresh 
database.  But in order to avoid confusion with our ticket history, we 
told RT3 to begin ticket numbering at a higher number than that of the 
last RT2 ticket (i.e., we started RT3 with ticket #60000).

Now we'd like to see if we can move the RT2 tickets (we're still running 
RT2 on another machine) to RT3, *preserving* their old ticket numbers 
(which are unused numbers in RT3).

Is there a safe way to do this?  Could we, for example, temporarily reset 
the ticket id auto-increment starting value from 60000 to 1, feed the old 
tickets in with their original numbers, then reset the auto-increment 
starting value back to 60000?  Would new tickets subsequently created 
start at the next available number after our highest RT3 ticket number, or 
would RT get confused because it would try to start creating new tickets 
with number 60001?

I have a feeling this will cause problems, but I'd like to find out for 

Of course we can always move the tickets from RT2 to RT3 with newly 
assigned ticket numbers, but it would be preferable for us if we can 
preserve the old ticket numbers in the new RT, for tracking purposes.  (I 
know, we should have thought of all this at the time we upgraded!).



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