[rt-users] Approvals - has anyone got it working?

Jason Fenner jfenner at vitamix.com
Thu Feb 16 13:24:59 EST 2006

I have just gotten this working today actually.

brian mccabe wrote:

>Hi All
>I am struggling to get the Approvals system working. I
>have followed the instructions in Appendix 5 and the
>ApprovalCreation wiki but it still does not work as I
>expect it to.
>I have created a Queue called "Change Requests" and -
>other than that - have followed the ApprovalCreation
>wiki to the letter.
Sounds good so far.

>When I submit a new ticket to the Change Requests
>queue, it spawns a separate "depended on by" approval
>ticket as expected - however -
>* both tickets are owned by Nobody. My understanding
>is that the approval ticket should somehow become
>automatically owned by the person(s) who need to
>approve/reject it. Without the owner being set, the
>ticket does not show in the Approvals tab on the
>approvers screen. I have set the approvers as
>AdminCC's for the queue but this appears to have no
>impact. How does the system identify which person(s)
>need to approve a change and where is this set?

As you already know, the approval system works simply be generating new 
tickets that the TOP ticket depends upon the resolution of.  Therefore 
in the scrip that executes CreateTicket it has to be specified who the 
generated tickets are supposed to belong to.  Somone has to own the 
generated tickets.  Hence why your template needs to have the pragma 
"Owner:" set.  You can set the template to create tickets, one for each 
user of a specific group and assign them to the users of the group. Look 
again at the two wiki pages you refereced, example template code is there.

>* the un-approved child ticket is visible in the
>Change Requests queue with a status of NEW even though
>the approval ticket has not been approved. Someone
>could very easily work on this and only find out it
>wasn't approved when they finally got around to
>resolving it and was hit with the dependency
>restriction. I thought the child ticket would be
>'invisible' (or at least have a UNAPPROVED status of
>some sort) until the approval ticket was approved or
Well, the unapproved ticket is visible to a user who has rights to see 
it.  But it does correctly label it as un-approved.  But the ticket IS 
new, so the status is correct.  Also, if you click on the ticket it 
shows the staff memeber that the ticket is still depending on a 
unresolved ticket.  The tech CAN change status to Open if allowed by his 
rights.  But as with ANY dependent tickets, it cannot be resolved until 
the dependency is cleared.  You can fine tune some of this by adjusting 
security settings...for instance set it so that staff memeber cannot 
change status on these tickets, etc.

>I'm sure I must have missed something basic here but
>have checked and double-checked against the
>documentation and can't get it to work.
>Any help would be appreciated. RT Version
>Thanks in advance
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