[rt-users] Approvals - has anyone got it working?

brian mccabe thealbs at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 12:01:15 EST 2006

Hi All

I am struggling to get the Approvals system working. I
have followed the instructions in Appendix 5 and the
ApprovalCreation wiki but it still does not work as I
expect it to.

I have created a Queue called "Change Requests" and -
other than that - have followed the ApprovalCreation
wiki to the letter.

When I submit a new ticket to the Change Requests
queue, it spawns a separate "depended on by" approval
ticket as expected - however -

* both tickets are owned by Nobody. My understanding
is that the approval ticket should somehow become
automatically owned by the person(s) who need to
approve/reject it. Without the owner being set, the
ticket does not show in the Approvals tab on the
approvers screen. I have set the approvers as
AdminCC's for the queue but this appears to have no
impact. How does the system identify which person(s)
need to approve a change and where is this set?

* the un-approved child ticket is visible in the
Change Requests queue with a status of NEW even though
the approval ticket has not been approved. Someone
could very easily work on this and only find out it
wasn't approved when they finally got around to
resolving it and was hit with the dependency
restriction. I thought the child ticket would be
'invisible' (or at least have a UNAPPROVED status of
some sort) until the approval ticket was approved or

I'm sure I must have missed something basic here but
have checked and double-checked against the
documentation and can't get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated. RT Version

Thanks in advance


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