[rt-users] Can't install the PerlModule 5.8.3?

zhou jian sunzhoujian at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 17 16:41:11 EST 2006

I just simply followed with yum installation as below.
And because we are students and don't have money to
buy commercial support, do you know where can I find
some good document to configure the installation?

Installation Notes
With yum

RT's three step install procedure:

1) Download the file:

2) Copy it to /etc/yum.repos.d/ or

cat rt-3.4.x.repo >> /etc/yum.conf

3) Then type, as 'root':

yum install rt rt-mail-dispatcher

You'll have rt installed in no time... then all you
have to do is configure a few settings as the messages

Note: Depending upon which Perl modules you had
installed in the past, you may have to update before
installing via yum. If a whole lot of dependency
errors display when you run yum install, then type the

yum update
yum install rt rt-mail-dispatcher

Without yum

Just download everything to a directory and do:

rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Post Installation Notes

A user pointed me out that he was in such a hurry to
try it out he lost the messages that appeared after
install. He also suggested I created a file with those
messages inside. Meanwhile here they are:

    * rt

cp /etc/rt/RT_Config.pm /etc/rt/RT_SiteConfig.pm 

to generate an editable site config file.

You must now configure RT by editing
/etc/rt/RT_SiteConfig.pm and

(You will definitely need to set RT's database
password before continuing.
 Not doing so could be very dangerous)

After that, you need to initialize RT's database by

/usr/sbin/rt-setup-database --action init \ 
    --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password

If something goes wrong you can always drop
everything, by executing

/usr/sbin/rt-setup-database --action drop \ 
    --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password

    * rt-mail-dispatcher

You must now configure somethings by editing
please read

Upgrading Notes

If you are upgrading, take a look at
/usr/share/doc/rt-3.4.4/README, step 7 (the files
are under /etc/rt/upgrade) and

To Do / Future directions

    * Integrate RT3StatisticsPackage as a RPM package
and its dependencies;
    * Provide a sample HTTPS configuration and the
dependencies associated (done);
    * Apply patches to solve current known and solved
problems with RT;
    * Update to new RT release when it's out;
    * Support RT on PostgreSQL;

Although there are some interdependencies among this
list there is in no particular order at the moment.

--- Chaim Rieger <chaim.rieger at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Feb 17, 2006, at 1:15 PM, zhou jian wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I used the Yum to install RT correctly, however, I
> > encountered a lot of problem in the configuration
> > stages.
> > Did anyone encounter the following problem?
> >
> > [root at osg-tg2 bin]# ./httpd -k start
> > Syntax error on line 421 of
> > /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
> > Invalid command 'PerlModule', perhaps misspelled
> or
> > defined by a module not included in the server
> > configuration
> >
> >
> > Then I tried to install this PerlModule, however,
> I
> > couldn't do it successfully even with CPAN. Can
> anyone
> > give me a hand?
> is ypu installing rt with mod_perl of *cgi
> are you trying to install mod_perl 1 or 2 ?
> can you post the error log please.

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