[rt-users] 'Organisation' stuck as 'example.com' in RT 3.4.5 on Gentoo

Corey corey_s at qwest.net
Sat Feb 18 00:07:12 EST 2006

On Friday February 17 2006 2:19 am, Matt Robinson wrote:
> So now I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the Gentoo ebuild
> of 3.4.5 or if this is somehow a local issue. The vhost/webapp-config
> stuff certainly isn't working correctly on my box.

Ok, found the bugger!

Before you run the "webapp-config -I -h myrt -d rt rt 3.4.5" command, as per 
the GentooInstallGuide, first do the following:

PN=rt; PVR=3.4.5; export PN PVR

The problem is in the 'reconfig' script that the rt ebuild provides.  It uses 
two environment variables that aren't actually set when you run the 
webapp-config. Since they're not set, a very crucial bit of final 
processing/configuration gets skipped - which is the cause of the problem
you're seeing:

end up with config variables that point to

I'll send a patch to the rt ebuild maintainer.

Until then, you can get things working correctly by doing the following:

# remove current (broken) rt instance
webapp-config -C -h <vhost> -d rt rt 3.4.5

# set the env vars that the reconfig script wants
PN=rt; PVR=3.4.5; export PN PVR

# install the new rt instance 
webapp-config -I -h <vhost> -d rt rt 3.4.5

# now create/edit the .../etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm as you would normally,
# remembering to chown to rt:rt.

# you'll of course need to remember to HUP apache



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