[rt-users] rt database w/ multiple instances

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Sat Feb 18 18:03:50 EST 2006

>Probably an obvious question, but I just want to be certain.
>If I have multiple virtual-hosts on a server, should each vhost have it's own 
>rt database created, such as 'rt3_<vhost>' - or can they all use the same 
>database: 'rt3'?
>I get the feeling either way would work, but I'm wondering what the "best 
>practice" would be - advice?
>If the vhosts in question were wholly separate/non-associated 
>domains/users/accounts/whatever, it seems that sharing the same database 
>would be a poor choice.

   If I understand your question correctly, you MUST
   have separate databases, although you can certainly share the
   same database engine.  The whole point of separate instances
   is so they can be, well, separate.  Use the same database,
   and all your instances will have exactly the same queues,
   tickets, users, and so on.


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