[rt-users] rt database w/ multiple instances

Corey corey_s at qwest.net
Sat Feb 18 19:43:09 EST 2006

On Saturday February 18 2006 4:03 pm, Bob Goldstein wrote:
> >If I have multiple virtual-hosts on a server, should each vhost have it's
> > own rt database created, such as 'rt3_<vhost>' - or can they all use the
> > same database: 'rt3'?
> >
>    If I understand your question correctly, you MUST
>    have separate databases, 

Thanks - and uh yeah, you understood my question correctly, as ridiculous as 
it was. 

Due to a rather creative interpretation of the $rtname option, I had got the 
sudden notion that there was a possibility that RT was (somehow) able to 
internally separate different instances within the same database... 



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