[rt-users] COMMENT becomes a REPLY via email conversation with RT

brian mccabe thealbs at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 21 03:56:20 EST 2006

Hi All

Hopefully someone has come across this issue before
and has a workaround of some sort? The scenario is as

1: Agent # 1 creates a COMMENT on a ticket asking a
colleague, Agent #2, for advice.

2: Agent #2 receives the COMMENT via an email and,
without logging in to RT, replies to the comment by
responding to the email.

3: RT then judges the in-bound email to be a ticket
REPLY and sends the answer, plus the original COMMENT
from Agent #1, to the ticket Requestor.

As the COMMENT is intended for internal use and should
not neccesarily be seen by the Requestor this could
result in embarrassing situations arising.

I know the simple answer is to train the Users but we
all know that is easier said than done! Has anyone
come across this problem before or are there any easy
workarounds for this that I am missing?

Thanks in advance


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