[rt-users] COMMENT becomes a REPLY via email conversation with RT

Toby Darling darling at ccdc.cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 04:43:25 EST 2006

Do you have different email addresses for Reply and Comment in the queue 

How is the comment getting to #2 - CC from the Comment page? It should 
be sent from 'xxx-comment at ...', and use procmail with a recipe like:

   * (^To|^Cc|^Envelope-to).*support-comment
   |$HOME/rt-mailgate --queue 'support' --action comment --url $RT_URL

I've actually gone as far as removing ReplyToTicket permission from 
anyone who shouldn't be talking to requestors, just to be safe.

brian mccabe wrote:
> Hi All
> Hopefully someone has come across this issue before
> and has a workaround of some sort? The scenario is as
> follows:
> 1: Agent # 1 creates a COMMENT on a ticket asking a
> colleague, Agent #2, for advice.
> 2: Agent #2 receives the COMMENT via an email and,
> without logging in to RT, replies to the comment by
> responding to the email.
> 3: RT then judges the in-bound email to be a ticket
> REPLY and sends the answer, plus the original COMMENT
> from Agent #1, to the ticket Requestor.
> As the COMMENT is intended for internal use and should
> not neccesarily be seen by the Requestor this could
> result in embarrassing situations arising.
> I know the simple answer is to train the Users but we
> all know that is easier said than done! Has anyone
> come across this problem before or are there any easy
> workarounds for this that I am missing?
> Thanks in advance
> Brian
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