[rt-users] View tickets w/out logins? New users create own logins?

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Tue Feb 21 10:50:55 EST 2006


I co-manage a software-development collaboration website that employs RT 
among many other tools (like Subversion, MediaWiki, GNUMailman, phpBB, 
Mail2Forum, Bugzilla, etc).

We are planning to make our development project an open-sourced based one, 
and thus make our formerly-private collaboration website into a public one.

Essentially, I'd like to try and provide a structured input for many 
different kinds of requests, including feature requests, tech-support 
requests, etc.  However, I'd like for our project participants to be able 
to view a list of existing requests/tickets (of whatever we want to call 
the things tracked by RT) without having to have an existing RT website 
login or be forced to submit a request/ticket to get a website login.

(We currently run RT 3.4.2 but can upgrad to the latest stuff--3.8?)

I therefore am trying to support these 2 capabilities that I as of yet 
don't know hot to support with RT:

* Anonymous viewing of tickets

I would like to support, with our RT system, anonymous viewing of any 
tickets (lists of outstanding tickets, individual tickets, etc) without 
being forced to go to a login page as our current 3.4.2 system currently 
requires.  (This is also rather tedious even for our internal personnel; 
when I forward a URL link to an existing ticket to someone else via email, 
they are forced to login to RT just to view the ticket at this link, 
something that most users don't care to do, especially if they've never 
logged in before or can't remember their login/password.)

* Allow new users to create logins via website instead of just email

I would like new users to be able to create logins via the website instead 
of just email (the only way I presently know of a non-admin user to create 
a login for themselves is via an email submission of a ticket) so that they 
can go to the ticket website and create new tickets or add to existing ones 
without having to make email submissions.  This is a common feature 
supported by all my other web apps (Bugzilla, phpBB, MediaWiki, etc).  Why 
not RT?

Thanks for any help,

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