[rt-users] View tickets w/out logins? New users create own logins?

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Tue Feb 21 11:29:20 EST 2006

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 09:50:55AM -0600, Matt England wrote:
> Hello,
> I co-manage a software-development collaboration website that employs RT 
> among many other tools (like Subversion, MediaWiki, GNUMailman, phpBB, 
> Mail2Forum, Bugzilla, etc).
> We are planning to make our development project an open-sourced based one, 
> and thus make our formerly-private collaboration website into a public one.
> Essentially, I'd like to try and provide a structured input for many 
> different kinds of requests, including feature requests, tech-support 
> requests, etc.  However, I'd like for our project participants to be able 
> to view a list of existing requests/tickets (of whatever we want to call 
> the things tracked by RT) without having to have an existing RT website 
> login or be forced to submit a request/ticket to get a website login.
> (We currently run RT 3.4.2 but can upgrad to the latest stuff--3.8?)
> I therefore am trying to support these 2 capabilities that I as of yet 
> don't know hot to support with RT:
> * Anonymous viewing of tickets
> I would like to support, with our RT system, anonymous viewing of any 
> tickets (lists of outstanding tickets, individual tickets, etc) without 
> being forced to go to a login page as our current 3.4.2 system currently 
> requires.  (This is also rather tedious even for our internal personnel; 
> when I forward a URL link to an existing ticket to someone else via email, 
> they are forced to login to RT just to view the ticket at this link, 
> something that most users don't care to do, especially if they've never 
> logged in before or can't remember their login/password.)

Set up a guest account. You could configure RT to automatically
login as guest if no credentials are provided.

> * Allow new users to create logins via website instead of just email
> I would like new users to be able to create logins via the website instead 
> of just email (the only way I presently know of a non-admin user to create 
> a login for themselves is via an email submission of a ticket) so that they 
> can go to the ticket website and create new tickets or add to existing ones 
> without having to make email submissions.  This is a common feature 
> supported by all my other web apps (Bugzilla, phpBB, MediaWiki, etc).  Why 
> not RT?

You could configure RT's login page to create a new user if
no account exists and the login ID used is an e-mail address.
Mis-spellings would be annoying though...

> Thanks for any help,
> -Matt


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