[rt-users] Problems installing mod_perl 2.0

John Boris jboris at adphila.org
Tue Feb 21 13:52:41 EST 2006

I am trying to install RT on Fedora Core 3. When I try to re-start
Apache it complains about mod_perl 2.0 not being installed. I have
mod_perl 1.99 installed. I have been trying to upgrade to mod_perl 2.0
but I keep hitting walls. I removed mod_perl 1.99 and I am trying to get
CPAN to install mod_perl but it keeps aborting asking for Apache Version
1.30. I have the following Apache Installed:

 /usr/sbin/httpd -V
Server version: Apache/2.0.53
Server built:   Sep  5 2005 09:37:41
Architecture:   64-bit

I know I am missing something here. I started looking into installing
Fastcgi but that looks as complicated as this. Any ointers to how to get
past this problem.


John J. Boris, Sr.
JEN-A-SyS Administrator
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"Remember! That light at the end of the tunnel
Just might be the headlight of an oncoming train!"

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