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Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Tue Feb 21 16:19:43 EST 2006

The problem is it isn't just a straight diff.  I have made several other
modifications to a lot of the files.  I made further modifications for
the CF code because I didn't like the fact that if you provided a regex,
that implied that the CF was mandatory.  In other words, I wanted to be
able to say, "if you put a value in, it has to match what looks like a
year", which is different than what is currently in the code ("you have
to enter a year value and I'll squawk if it's blank").

Other problems I ran into/things I changed:

- for select one/multiple boxes, if the field was mandatory, shouldn't
display "no value" (since you must have a value)
- required custom fields show up with font in red so it's easy to tell
what's required and what isn't
- when creating a ticket, if you didn't provide a valid CF value, you
would get kicked back to the creation page without an error (fixed this)
- made sure that for a select multiple that is mandatory, you always
have at least one value selected
- ripped out the widget box for the validation field when modifying a
CF.  I didn't like how the js rendered, and I figured since I am the
only one administering it, I don't need to have a couple to select since
I know how to do them, so I made this a regular text field

Oh, and sorry, I misspoke about there not being a lot of changes.  That
must have been some other feature I was thinking of :-)  Since I can't
provide a useable diff without including other changes I've made that
you may not care about, I figure the least I can do is show you the
files that I had to change:

lib/RT/CustomField_Overlay.pm   # imported changes from 3.5.6 and hacked
in my changes for differentiating mandatory from non-mandatory patterns
lib/RT/CustomField.pm           # straight import of new code from 3.5.6
lib/RT/CustomFieldValues.pm     # straight import of new code from 3.5.6
lib/RT/CustomFields_Overlay.pm  # straight import of new code from 3.5.6
lib/RT/ObjectCustomFieldValues_Overlay.pm  # straight import of new code
from 3.5.6
lib/RT/ObjectCustomFieldValue_Overlay.pm   # straight import of new code
from 3.5.6
share/html/Ticket/Create.html   # added code from 3.5.6 and put in call
to ListActions to show CF validation errors
share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html  # added code from 3.5.6, but
replaced combobox widget
share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldSelect  # added code that prevents
"no value" from being displayed if this is a mandatory CF
share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue  # added code that prevents
"no value" from being displayed if this is a mandatory CF
lib/RT/Record.pm   # made CF error messages clearer and unified them
share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditCustomFields  # Added red font tags for
mandatory custom fields (and display a hint that red = required, but
only when there are custom fields that are red)

added from 3.5.x to 3.4.x:


Of course, you may not need all of those changes if you don't have my
requirements.  You should be able to just get the newer versions of the
files I mentioned I got from 3.5.6, and everything will "just work" from

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> On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 09:44:28AM -0800, Schultz, Eric wrote:
> > This is a new feature in RT 3.5.x.  The code actually isn't 
> too much,
> > and I backported it to use in my 3.4.x instance.  Thankfully, it was
> > already setup to be used in the database so there wasn't a change
> > required there as well. 
> Any chance you could provide diffs for 3.4.X for those of us 
> who haven't had a
> chance to play with 3.5.X?  Mandatory custom fields could 
> provide some 
> useful enhancements to my RT installation.
> Thanks,
> Travis
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